Awesome Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One

Tue Jan 24. 2023

Awesome Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One

I'm here to help console gamers feel less alone by finding the best Minecraft seeds on Xbox One. I found some amazing survival seeds, weird seeds, and almost every kind of seed a budding Minecraft player could want. These are the best seeds for the Xbox One game version!

Spawn near a beach full of biomes and islands

Seed: -289973135

This seed is rich in tiny islands that are perfect for building your dream mansions or idols to your favorite cereal-mascots. You can also build statues of Great Aunt Bertha into the mountainsides. This seed is a great choice for anyone looking to build amazing places and explore the world.

The main beach is home to a large population of horses, sheep, pigs and other resources that can be used to start your own island petting farm. This is why people play this game.

3 water temples, a village and seed

Seed: 1152285461

Two water temples are located right at the spawn. Another one is located elsewhere on the map. This seed also has a bonafide mesa biome as well as a village. This is a cool seed that is definitely worth checking out.

Location of Water Temples -

- X 263- Z 359- X 135, Z 233
- X -250 Z 246

Amazing achievements in seed farming

Seed: reaper

Minecraft is a great game for boosting your Gamerscore. It has many easy achievements that even kids younger than 5 can achieve.

This seed is rich in resources that achievement hunters would be willing to sacrifice their unborn child for. It has three villages, two blacksmiths and a stronghold close to the spawn. This seed is great for Gamerscore farming or simply looking for a good seed.

All biomes, mushroom islands, and more can be seeded

Seed: Duke Leto II

This seed contains every biome in the game, and it has some amazing scenery. It has amazing lava flows, huge snow biomes, and mushroom islands. There's also a lot of cool stuff to explore.

This seed is a good choice if you are looking for a balanced seed with no gimmicks.

You can seed with every biome or structure in the game

Seed: -2878103199665976685

Are you tired of looking through endless lists of poorly written Minecraft seedlists just to have a good Minecraft experience? This seed contains everything you need in a Minecraft world.

This seed contains every type of dungeon and biome known to Minecraft. The only thing it lacks are the pearly gates of heaven. But who knows? Maybe next patch will include a biblical skin pack.

Near a bunch of diamonds

Seed: -2009079104

This seed might be a good option for you if you don't want to become a brutal diamond warlord in Africa but still have an affinity for shiny stones. Three diamond mines are located very close to the spawnpoint so you can go back to building your base, terrorizing the pigs in the basement, and then you can. Who said Minecraft was only for kids?

Here's the coordinates of those delicious diamonds:

- X 139. Y 17. Z 254.
- X 156; Y 14, Z 268
- X 76. Y 15, Z 52

Get a great survival island area to plant seeds

Seed: -9089409167323528152

This castaway adventure will make you Tom Hanks! This seed has an island which works well in survival mode. This awesome seed allows you to create your own Wilson and make your own dentistry.

All biomes and 9 villages near spawning are available for seed

Seed: 7022332759775054181

This seed is a paradise for Minecraft seeds. Every biome and nine villages are within 2,000 miles of the spawn point. This world can provide everything a growing Minecraft player requires, whether you are a single survivor man who battles the elements or a builder of awesome stuff. This Minecraft seed is fair and balanced.

Spawned near five villages and 2 desert temples

Seed: -9065479248748140566

Ever wanted to play Indiana Jones? To be the cruel master of a peaceful settlement full of villagers? This Minecraft seed will make your bizarre dreams come true!

This seed will spawn you near five villages and two temples in the desert.

You can plant seeds with snow and jungle biomes next to each other

Seed: -126880078651571709

This one is a bit of an anomaly. It has a jungle biome that is surrounded by a snowbiome. Although I don't know what the Minecraft gods thought when they created this seed, it is hard to doubt their intentions.

This seed also spawns a lot of amazing animals and cave-dwelling villages that you can hang out with and play games with. This is what friends are supposed to do, right?

These are the best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One. What other seeds do you think should be included in this list? Leave us feedback in the comments below and take a look at our collection of Minecraft seed lists, hand-picked from our writers!